Connect Your ArcGIS Enterprise Account to UtiliSync

In this article, you will learn how to connect your ArcGIS Online Account to UtiliSync in the UtiliSync admin app.

You will need to connect to your ArcGIS Online account to access your ArcGIS Online data and to enable single-sign-on with ArcGIS Online user accounts.

Note: You can only connect your UtiliSync account to one Portal for ArcGIS account or one ArcGIS Online account.


  1. In the Organization tab, click on ADD INTEGRATION.
  2. Click on the GIS CONNECTION button.
  3. Click on the Connection Type drop-down and select ArcGIS Enterprise.
  4. Enter your Enterprise URL and APP ID.
  5. Click Connect.

Success! Now your ArcGIS Enterprise account is connected to UtiliSync.

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