Get a New Cityworks Token for Your 811 Integration

This article explains how to get a new Cityworks token for your 811 integration in the UtiliSync Admin app. If the previous Cityworks token expires, then the 811 UtiliBots can no longer interact with Cityworks (create, update or close service requests). Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue. The instructions below assume a user has previously been signed in to Cityworks. If you are attempting to configure a Cityworks integration for the first time, please see this article Set Up Cityworks Integration.


  1. Open the Cityworks Integration in the Organization tab of the Admin app..

  2. Click the SIGN OUT button to sign the current user out.

  3. Click the button again after it has changed to SIGN IN and enter and sign in with the user that you want to use to create, update and close 811 service requests.

Success! Now you can sign out and back in to Cityworks, which will provide you with a fresh token.

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