Add ArcGIS Service Layer

In this article, you will learn how to add an ArcGIS Service Layer to your UtiliSync account using


  1. In the admin console, open the Layers tab.
  2. Click on the +LAYER button.

  1. In the Create Layer dialog, select the layer type ArcGIS Service.
  2. There are three options available to you: enter the Service URL in the space provided, click on BROWSE ARCGIS SERVICES to see a list of your available services, or click on SUPPORTED URL EXAMPLES to see acceptable Feature and Map Service URL examples.

  1. The browse list has three filters to choose from: you can see all of your Feature and Map Services, just the Feature Services, or just the Map Services.
  2. There is also a Search function in the browse list.

  1. When you find the Service you want to add in the browse list, click the box to the left of the title. You can select more than one Service to add at a time.

Success! You can now add ArcGIS Service Layers to your account in UtiliSync.

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