Customize Layer Symbology

In this article, you will learn how to customize Layer Symbology in the UtiliSync Admin app.


  1. Open the Admin app and select the Layers tab.
  2. Tap on the name of the Layer you want to work on.
  3. In the Edit Layer dialog, scroll down to Layer Details and tap on MAP SYMBOLS.

  1. In the Customize Layer Symbology dialog, open the Display features using dropdown to choose what you want your layer symbology to be determined on. You have three options: One Symbol, Field Values, or Range of Values. You can customize what each symbol looks like using an image URL, or one of our available simple symbols, choosing the color and size.
    • If you select One Symbol, all of your features on this Layer will be represented by the same symbol.
    • If you select Field Values, you can select a form field and each time that field is updated, the feature symbol will change accordingly. NOTE: If you are setting the symbology of a GIS Layer, a GIS Field must be selected, likewise if you are setting the symbology of a UtiliSync Layer, a UtiliSync Field must be selected.
    • If you select Range of Values, you can preset value ranges that will determine the feature's symbol.

  1. Be sure to tap the Save Symbology button when you are finished customizing your Layer Symbology.

Success! Now you can customize your Layer Symbology in the UtiliSync Admin app for the UtiliSync Docs app.

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