Create, View, and Edit a Map

In this article, you will learn how to Create, View, and Edit a Map in the UtiliSync admin app.


  1. Open the Maps tab.

  1. To create a new Map, click on the +Map button.
  2. To view or edit a Map, click on the Map name in your list.
  3. You can edit your Map Settings here, starting with the Name.
  4. In the Edit Map panel, you can add Layers to this Map by clicking on the + ADD LAYERS button.

  1. You can select from the list of available Layers by checking the boxes, then click on + ADD LAYERS, or close this dialog. To continue editing your map, it must contain at least one layer.
  2. Use the eye icon to edit each Layers' Visibility on this Map.
  3. If you click on the More Options menu, you can edit or remove a Layer attached to this Map
  4. Remember to click on the Save Map button when you are finished editing this Map.

Success! You can now Create, View, and Edit a Map.

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