Turn On/Off Layers Viewed on Map

This article explains how to turn on/off the Layers users see on a Map in the UtiliSync Inspect app.

Sometimes it is helpful to have many layers visible on a map to get all of the information you may need. Other times, it can be helpful to hide layers that contain information you don't need at the moment so that your map is not cluttered. Keep reading to learn how to adjust which layers you can see on your map.


  1. Sign in to UtiliSync and the Maps page will open by default.
  2. Notice the tool widgets at the top of the map on both sides of the screen.
  3. Click or tap on the Layers widget on the Map

  1. Now you can see a list of all available Layers on this Map.

  1. Toggle on/off your layers as desired.

Success! You can now customize which layers you want visible on your map. Note: Once the map is refreshed, the layers will go back to the default setting and you can toggle them back on manually.

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