How UtiliSync and Esri Work Together

This article describes how UtiliSync and Esri communicate with each other in the app, maps, and forms.

Feature Service vs. Map Service

UtiliSync supports both feature services and map services, however, forms can only be attached to feature services.

Main Table

The main table is the fields in the feature service referenced after adding a layer in UtiliSync.  UtiliSync can prepopulate and pull data from the main table as well as update and send data back to the main table as long as the layer is marked as editable and the sharing settings are correct for the named user.

Related Table

The related table is a powerful tool set up to save data as one:many.  More detailed information can be stored here and used to create dashboards to easily view data.  UtiliSync can not prepopulate and pull data but it can update and send back to the related table.  

Ops Dashboard

Below you will see some examples of dashboards that can be created from the data collected in UtiliSync. Data can be pulled from the main table or the related table.

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