Measurement Tool

This article explains how to Measure Lines that you designate on a Map in

When you click on this icon, the Measurement Tool will open, giving you several options to measure lines in various units.


  1. Sign in to UtiliSync and the Maps page will open by default.
  2. Notice the tool widgets at the top of the map on both sides of the screen.
  3. Tap on the Measure icon on the Map. 
  4. With the Line Measure tool open, tap on the Map to create points as needed. Double tap on the point at the end of the line. The total distance will appear in the widget and on the map near the line. Click on New Measurement to begin a new line measurement.

  1. Use the Unit drop down list to change the line measurement units.
  2. Click on the Measure widget to turn the tool off.

Success! You can now measure a line on a Map.

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