Attach a File or Photo to an Object

This article will teach you how to organize your documents in folders. This will be helpful to both you and your Site Contacts because you will be able to locate specific documents more quickly in

This feature is only available if the organization that created the site has an Enterprise license.


  1. Select the site to which you would like to add a document.
  2. Click on the Docs tab.

  1. Next click on the + ADD FILES button in the Documents panel. NOTE: If you are going to put a document in a folder, this is the only time you can do that. If you simply select your file and add it, it will be in a long list of documents without organization unless you use a filter. You cannot move a document into a folder after the document has been uploaded.

  1. In the Add Files dialog, click on the file folder arrow button. This will allow you to either create a new folder or select an existing folder to add your document to.

  1. If you are an MS4, you may want documents organized into folders such as Site Permit (NOI, Fugitive Dust, etc.), SWPPP Documents, Site Map, and Operator Inspections. NOTE: You cannot create an empty folder. When you add a document you can also create a new folder or put it in an existing folder, but if you are not adding a document, you cannot create a folder.
  2. After creating or selecting a folder, you can drag and drop or open your document. 
  3. When you have selected your document, you can add a description if you'd like, then click on the SAVE button.
  4. Using the More Options (three-dot) icon after each document, you can View, Markup, or Delete any of the files or photos that you have added. You do not have these options for documents added to the site by others.

Success! You can now upload and use folders to organize your documents in UtiliSync.

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