Assign Tickets

In this article, you will learn how to assign Tickets to locators in your organization. You can either set up automatic assignments, or you can manually assign each ticket.

Automatic Ticket Assignment Instructions

You can automatically assign tickets to your locators based on geographic areas. For example, if one locator handles the east side of the city and another the west side, you can have tickets auto-assign to the correct locator based on the location of the ticket. Admin users can set up auto-assignment areas in the admin app, instructions can be found here: Auto-Assign Ticket Areas.

Manual Ticket Assignment Instructions

  1. From the Ticket List, you can simply select the dropdown menu in the Assigned To column for the ticket you want to assign and select a locator.

  1. You can also access the available locators for assignment by selecting the ticket from the Ticket List or the Map.
  2. In the info panel, you will find the dropdown menu and be able to select a locator.

  1. Now you can filter your tickets by assignment. In the Ticket List, Filter Tickets by who they are Assigned To, and you can select a specific locator, see All Users assigned tickets or all Unassigned tickets.
  2. You also have the option to see all Unassigned tickets in addition to your selected Filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I assign tickets to?

Only UtiliSync users configured as 811 locators in your organization will be available in the dropdown list for assignment.

What if the locator assigned is not the locator who ultimately clears the ticket?

Having an assigned locator on a ticket does not limit who can clear the ticket. UtiliSync tracks both who is assigned the ticket and who clears the ticket. No additional steps are necessary for any locators to clear any tickets, assigned or unassigned.

Success! Now you can assign tickets to specific locators.

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