Add a Site/GIS Object

This article explains how to add a site/GIS object in the UtiliSync Inspect app.


  1. Select the Map you would like to add a Site/GIS Object to.
  2. Click the Site + icon on the map page.

  1. Select which object you want to add. Note: These objects are generated from your layers.
  2. Either select a location on your map manually (pan and zoom on the map to find your site) or use the GPS to add the point to your current location. Note: As a best practice you should add the Site/GIS Object to the entrance of the site.
  3. Once you have placed your site, click on it to open the info panel.

  1. In the site info panel, you can add the name and address of your site, assign tasks, and see the log of forms and the documents that have been submitted. You can also create a public link, add site contacts, and edit any UtiliSync Fields assigned to the site. The info panel will update automatically when forms are submitted.

Success! You have now created a Site/GIS Object.

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