Refresh List of 811 Tickets

This article describes when the list of 811 tickets is automatically refreshed and how to manually refresh the list in

811 Ticket Processing UtiliBot

Your one-call center sends Locate Request tickets to UtiliSync via email. There is a diligent UtiliBot that is constantly watching for new tickets to be received. Once the email is identified, it is added to a queue to be processed. The email contents are parsed and the ticket is added to your UtiliSync account. The entire process of receiving the email, parsing it, and adding the ticket to your account typically takes just a few seconds.

Refreshing 811 Tickets

Tickets are added to your account in near real-time (see above for details). However, your UtiliSync map is not constantly updating, so you may need to refresh your map from time to time to see the latest tickets. Below are three ways to refresh your map.

  1. Auto-refresh on ticket submission. The list of tickets is automatically refreshed every time you clear a ticket. When you tap the CLEAR TICKET button on the form (see below), the completed ticket is sent back to the UtiliSync server to be processed and the list of current tickets is refreshed.  If you are submitting tickets regularly throughout the day then your list will stay fresh and you will not need to manually refresh the list.

  1. Reload the web page. The list of tickets is refreshed when you reload the web page. That can be done by tapping on the browser reload button, or the Navigation Panel reload tab (see below for both options). This option is effective, but it can take a while to reload the web page, especially if you are in the field. Option 3 is much faster.
  1. Use the "Reload Active Locate Requests" button. This is the fastest way to refresh the list of tickets. 

Success! You have refreshed your list of tickets!

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