Ticket Consolidation

Starting with Version 2.61 of the TMS app, tickets are now consolidated on the map and in the list view. This feature helps locators by reducing the number of redundant tickets, making it clearer how many tickets actually need to be addressed.

Why Are Tickets Consolidated?

Tickets are consolidated to minimize the display of extra tickets. For example, an original ticket may receive 2 or 3 updates. The locator doesn't need to see each version but only the latest one. Similarly, if an organization has multiple member codes but sends one locator to mark all utilities, displaying all identical tickets is unnecessary. Consolidation merges these tickets into one row on the table or one icon on the map.

How Are Tickets Consolidated?

Tickets are consolidated based on the ticket number, ensuring that only the most recent ticket version is shown. This consolidation can occur based on ticket version, ticket number across multiple codes, or a combination of both.

Ticket Consolidation Based on Ticket Version

When a ticket receives updates, only the most recent version will be displayed, hiding the older versions.

Ticket Consolidation Based on Ticket Number Across Multiple Member Codes

If the same ticket is received by multiple member codes, it will appear only once on the map and list view. When the locator opens the form to clear the ticket, they will see options to provide separate positive responses for each member code. The locator can respond to all member codes at once or individually. If not all member codes are addressed, the ticket remains "open," allowing the locator to complete the responses later.

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