Manually Create a Ticket Route

In this article, you will learn how to create a mapped route with a corresponding ticket list so you can clear your tickets in the desired order in

The Ticket List orders tickets by when they are due, with the soonest deadline at the top by default. You can reorder the list by using the arrows by each column's label, or you can create your own list of selected tickets in the order of your choice by using the routing feature.


  1. Sign in to UtiliSync TMS or refresh your app to get all current tickets in your list.
  2. If you would like to make a route for all of the tickets that are on the first page of your list, tap on the pin above the list. This will select all of the tickets on your current screen in the list.
  3. If you would like to make a route for specific tickets, tap on the pin for each ticket. The pins will be numbered according to the order you select them, but you can change that order in the route tool.

NOTE: You can select tickets from different pages in your list, they will all be added to the route list.

  1. When you have the desired tickets selected, tap on the ROUTE button at the top of the ticket list to open the route tool.

  1. The Route Tool allows you to choose the order of the selected tickets in the route list. It also shows you the route from the list on the map with a blue driving line connecting the tickets in order.
  2. There are two ways you can rearrange the route: manually and automatically. We offer an OPTIMIZE button that connects with Google Maps to automatically calculate the route with the shortest driving time. This feature does cost your organization an extra fee or Esri credits to activate.
  3. To manually order the tickets in the route, drag them up or down the list using the double dots to the left of the pin icon.
  4. As you reorder the tickets, the route on the map will change accordingly.

  1. You can remove tickets from the route list by either filling out and submitting the Locate Request form, (which will also move the ticket from the Open Tickets list to the Closed Tickets list), or you can remove an Open Ticket from the route list back to the main Open Ticket list by tapping on the pin.
  2. You can add more tickets to the Route Tool list by tapping on ALL TICKETS.

Success! You can now create your own Route of selected tickets!

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