Positive Response: Ongoing Tickets

Almost every one-call center we work with has positive responses for "ongoing tickets". An ongoing ticket status is a way to provide a temporary positive response. When an ongoing status is selected, a message shown in red will alert you that selecting that positive response will not close the ticket.

It is important to keep in mind that ongoing statuses are temporary, and a "final" positive response (e.g. "marked") will need to be submitted afterward to close the ticket.

Keep in mind, the positive response you select for a ticket is related to the life of that ticket, not the life of the project. Therefore, the ticket might be for an ongoing construction site for months. It may be tempting to select an ongoing ticket status for the status of the ticket. However, when you consider the life of the ticket, rather than the life of the project, you can see that "marked" may be a more appropriate response.

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