Screen Capture Tool

In this article, you will learn how to use the Capture Screen tool in the UtiliSync TMS app.


Open the Navigation Panel in and tap on the Capture Screen tab.

When the Capture or Upload dialog opens, you are offered 3 options that are described below.

  1. You can open the new UtiliSync Capture Tool and take a screenshot or a recording of your screen and voice.
  2. You can upload a previously captured screenshot or video from your device.
  3. You can view your previous captures using the UtiliSync Capture Tool.

Choice #1. Take a Screen Recording

  1. Tap on the Open Capture Tool button.
  2. Tap on the Record (red dot) button, then choose to record your tab, window, or entire screen and tap the Share button.

  1. Allow the UtiliSync app to access your device's microphone.
  2. After a 3-second countdown, the record or close tab will change to a countdown timer for 3 minutes of recording with a pause and a stop button.

  1. You can record and pause more than once if you need to, but once you tap stop, that recording is finished. If you forgot something or want to add more, you'll need to start a new recording.
  2. In the View Capture dialog, you can preview your recording, download it to your device, or upload it to your list in the UtiliSync app. Captures are not automatically sent to UtiliSync Support, first upload the capture and then email the link to

NOTE: If you close the View Capture dialog without downloading or uploading first, you will delete your screen capture.

Choice #2. Upload a Previous Capture

  1. Tap on Browse, or Drag and Drop the screen capture that you have previously saved to your device and it will be added to your list of Captures in UtiliSync.

Choice #3. View Previously Captured Files

  1. Tap on View Captures at the lower right of the Capture or Upload dialog.
  2. Your Captures History opens which allows you to view, copy the link, or open each uploaded capture in a new tab. This is very useful if you want to capture your screen, but want to send the capture to our Support Team at a later time. If you upload your capture, it will be in this list and you can copy the link when you are ready to send an email.

NOTE: Screen captures are not saved permanently, they will be deleted after several months to keep the list from becoming cumbersome.

Success! Now you can use the Capture Screen tool in UtiliSync TMS to record your screen.

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