Generate a Monthly Report

This article explains how to generate a monthly report from forms submitted in the UtiliSync TMS app. If you are simply looking for a ticket count total, you should consider using the 811 Dashboard. See View 811 Dashboard.


  1. Go to the Form Submissions page.
  2. Select the Filter button.

  1. Input a Field and a Value to the filter. If you would like the editable data from your forms to be accessible in the report, you must include a filter for the Form.
  2. Add your choices to the filter. You can add multiple filters.  NOTE: If you set a filter for your Locate Request form, you can then also set a filter for a specific field in that form (see image below).

  1. When you have all desired parameters set in the filter list, click the Update Filter button.

Your form submissions will then appear if they apply to the filter provided.

Then you can generate a report by doing the following:

  1. Select Download
  2. Click the downloaded spreadsheet.

Success! You will then be able to view the information that was completed on your form submissions!

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