Ticket Info Panel

This article is an overview of the information that is available in the Ticket Info Panel in the UtiliSync 811 app. There are links included so you can access several other small explanatory articles.


  1. Select a Ticket from either the map or the ticket list.
  2. The Ticket Info Panel that opens is where you will find all of the information available about your Locate Request.
  3. The Ticket Log is where you can access all of your draft and final versions of this form. 

  1. The Ticket tab is where you will see all of the information given in the Locate Request call.
  2. There is a dropdown list of your Locators that you can use to manually Assign this ticket.
  3. If you would like to see the Ticket Info directly from your 811 call center, you can access their website with our One-Call Center Page button.

Success! You are now familiar with all of the ticket information that is available to you in the Ticket Info Panel.

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