Add a Symbol in Markup

In this article, you will learn how to add a  Symbol to your photo or screenshot in the Markup area of

Symbols are created by administrators and are unique to your organization. Symbols are very useful in standardizing the way that images are marked throughout your organization.


Open Markup for your image.

  1. Click on the dropdown menu icon at the end of the Markup tools icons in the top left of the screen and you will get a list of Symbols created by your administration. 

  1. Select the Symbol you want to use from the menu and click on the image where you want the Symbol to be located. Symbols cannot be moved once they are placed. If a Symbol is in the wrong location, click on it and you can Delete it and then add a new Symbol in the correct location. 
  2. If your organization chooses a Line Symbol, your first click on your image will have no visual effect; as soon as you click in the next location for your line, it will appear between the two points. You can add as many points to a line Symbol as you need.
  3. Select Save and Close when you are finished adding a Symbol to your image.

Success! You can now add a  Symbol to your photo or screenshot in Markup.

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