Filter Locate Request Tickets

This article explains how to filter your Locate Request tickets from either the Ticket List or the ticket list on the Map in the UtiliSync 811 app.


  1. Click on the button to switch between Open Tickets and Closed Tickets so you are filtering the list for the information you need.
  2. Open the full Ticket Filter.
  3. Select an available Filter Option.          

Note: If you are using the Closed Ticket Filter from the Map view, the Area on Map field will also be available.  This allows you to drag-to-select an area on the Map to filter for closed tickets in that area.

  1. Input a Filter Value for the Filter Option selected.
  2. Click on Apply Filter to add the Filter. That will update your ticket list based on your set filters.
  3. A Filter chip will appear at the top of the Ticket List showing the Filter you added. Add more Filters if desired and use the X on the chip to remove any of the Filters.
  4. Modify a filter by clicking on the filter chip. It will allow you to update the value for that one filter.

Success! You can now filter your Tickets!

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